DJ Ale Mendes | About
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DJ Ale Mendes is a true Disc Jockey enthusiastic. A native observant and passionate for perfection, has discovered his musical passion in 1994 when heard for the first time vibrant House and Garage tunes from a huge sound system at an underground club in Sao Paulo – Brazil. When he saw the energized people dancing, watched the atmosphere created by the lights, tasted its fog, felt the bass punching his body and noticed the DJ was the one in charge for the whole vibe, since then, he definitively became a Disc Jockey art devotee.


He is very grateful of a friend who had the idea to create a DJ group then basically this friend was responsible to start his DJ career. In order to begin his learning and their parties, they made together in 1994 a bingo’s party with their neighbors and due to this brilliant idea they got the necessary money to buy their first equipments, which were very simple ones. Afterwards his aim was to watch the best users working to improve his skills. He used to follow the steps of masters DJ Ricardo Guedes, DJ Anderson Thome, DJ Akeen, DJ Marky, DJ Patife, and DJ Nedu Lopes.


His objective is to give to his crowd nothing less than a mix of his heroes!


Owner of a brilliant music collection, carefully selected by high quality audio, melody, harmony and energy, he loves to create analog live mixes of Drum & Bass, House, Disco/Funk/Soul and Flashbacks.